We All Need One Another (part 3)

Here is a simple reason why we should pray: Because long before we give up prayer (and other good things), we should give up:

  • Our indifference to other's pain
  • Smoking
  • Jealousy
  • Laziness
  • Anger
  • Hatred
  • Pettiness
  • Heroin

All right, so heroin does not apply to you, but there are things that you can give up. How about…

  • Gossip
  • Excessive criticism of others
  • Arrogance
  • Gluttony
  • Apathy
  • Rudeness
  • Self-pity

And about the time you can give up that not-very-helpful list, it will be time for you to die—and you won't feel like giving up on prayer then, will you?

Here's my point, though: Isn't it amazing that we will so easily give up doing something that at the very least is not harmful (i.e. prayer), and meanwhile, there are 22 things that are harmful that we should give up?

So, pray to the Lord for your family, business, church, city, and friends. You could do a lot worse! Praying for people (which is wishing our best to God on their behalf) is way better than not caring.

And that leads to…

  1. and 6. If we live this way, others will be blessed and we will be blessed as well. The Christian way of life—as well as the Jewish way of life—is one of mutual blessing for everyone. "For in its welfare you will find your welfare." I think there is nothing more pathetic in this world than all the people who do not lend a hand.

    Did you ever hear of wealthy people who would not share their money with relatives who are down on their luck? Did you ever hear of CEOs making hundreds of millions of dollars while their workers are laid off? Let's take a look at our wealth…

    We all have a great deal of wealth. While that may be news to our bank accounts, every one of us has:
    • 10,000 opportunities to give a compliment
    • 4,600 chances to lend a hand
    • 21,000 moments we could pray for people
    • 5,231 occasions to hug someone
    • 8,754 place where our talents are needed

And so it is pathetic when we don't share our wealth with a world—right in front of us—that is hurting! Gosh! I think I'm making a great deal of sense here—and that is because this leading to…

  1. ALL OF THIS IS AN INVITATION THAT INVOLVES HIGH STANDARDS. When we follow the wisdom of Jeremiah, we are invited to a wide-awake vision that sees the needs of people and walks…
    • With the sense that you matter immensely
    • With the awareness that your place matters

This vision is a call to action and prayer, and this vision will be enriching to you and others. In other words, this vision is the opposite of:

Self-centeredness, laziness, indifference, hatred, violence, doubt, and despair.

If you look at life, you will see there are forces that make us small and mean, and there are forces that make us big, kind, and able to see beyond our own narrow points of view. The world in all its joy and pain needs us to be big so that we can open our windows and hear its cry for help!

In short, you are invited to seek the welfare of the place where you are and pray to the Lord on its behalf because…

that is what works!!!

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