Oil Well

Oil Well
Everyone has a reservoir of pain inside them that has accumulated over the years. Pain piles up in your soul and becomes your trigger spot of shame, defensiveness, and anger.

My word for the trigger spot is oil well because in my therapy work I get to see oil wells going off all the time. And it's quite the mess. And it's very, very powerful.

So you, my friend, have an oil well inside you. In some respects, you are an oil well. Take a look at the picture, study it, meditate on it and you will become a wiser human being—if you see this oil well as you! Here's some questions for your reflection:
— do you know what oil wells you carry inside you?
— do you know what oil wells those closest to you carry inside them?
—what matches ignite your oil well?
— what, typically, do you do when your oil well goes off?
— what helps you get the oil well under control?
Now that should get you started on what could be a life-changing picture. But here's some reflections from me for you to ponder.
— If we see the damage that an oil well can do, there should be no question that the major task of our lives is not letting an oil well destroy us or others.

— If we see the power of an oil well, there should be no question that we all need help with our lives. You can't put out an oil well on your own.

— If we see the power of an oil well, there should be no mystery as to why marriage, business, civility, nationhood, religion, friendship and self-control is so difficult. Every one of those fields is often oil well on fire meeting oil well on fire. It's often unknown oil well on fire doing business/love/negotiation with other unknown well on fire.

— If we see the power of an oil well, you can see why the 60's didn't work with its free-for-all let loose mentality. Fire is a dangerous thing to let loose!

— If you see the power of an oil well, you can see why we all resent cheap advice that hasn't walked a mile in our burn!

— If you see the power of an oil well, you can see why every healer should be a long term healer and every healer should have their own Red Adare. He is a famous oil well fighter. (Never, ever go to a therapist who has not had therapy. If he or she has never had therapy, they don't know their own oil wells as accurately as they should and you are going to get more oil on you than you deserve.)

"If you only have one idea in your head, it's the most dangerous idea in the world"

Here's some tips in dealing with oil wells so you will be a better partner, worker, parent, friend etc., etc.

Tip #1: You've got to know your oil well in a very specific way so that you can avoid an explosion An ounce of prevention...

Tip#2: Might as well let others know about your oil well. They don't really want to get burned! And you don't really want to burn them, do you?

Tip#3: The incidence of oil wells dramatically increases when you are tired, drunk, on drugs, starving in any way, poor, rich and arrogant, entitled, lonely, angry, or being treated in a way that matches the way life has already hurt you.

Tip#4: The great reason for always noticing other people's oil wells is so you don't have to notice your own.

Tip#5: When you've been screwing up your own life for a while, you are generally igniting your own matches for the oil well.

Tip#6: Get the guts to make your life the way you want it because living well is the water, sand, and sunshine that extinguishes our oil wells, puts a cap on the well, and allows us to reach a better day.

You've just learned something about your own oil well. But this is just the beginning. For a deeper venture into your core, let's get to The Core.
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