We can't love everybody, keep up with everybody, and hopefully there isn't much need to stay with people who make our lives worse.

A bit more perspective:

  1. We must give thanks for all the people who have not left us, who stayed while we stumbled, fell, learned and grew. Teachers. Friends. Parents. Ministers or Rabbis. Relatives. Significant others. Consider contacting at least one person today to express your gratitude for their support.

  2. If you have not left someone behind who tried your patience and almost convinced you to give up (though you never wanted to), be proud of your persistence.

  3. It's a serious mistake and common folly to leave people behind all too easily, for not very good reasons. I wonder how many more people we could keep up with if we weren't so in love with the television.

  4. Do you think it possible that someone in your life feels forced to stay with you?

  5. Pay special attention to people when they cry. Tears let us know that people are hurting and the lives of real, tender people are in our hands.

  6. A friend says, "The phone works two ways." There are all kinds of people who look like they have stopped caring about you and they never call, write, or visit. That's life. It hurts, but here is the balm: pay more attention to those who do show their caring, give them VIP status in your heart, and feed on their love.

  7. You can't hurt people and expect them to like you. And don't think that you can keep getting hurt by someone and still like him or her—it's impossible. Your sensitive heart will protest and turn to ice.

And finally, this from my heart. I do not easily believe in heaven. Unlike all the strident atheists of our day, I so wish there to be a heaven, not necessarily because I want to live forever (though I do, because I'm way behind on my reading), but because I want Big, Big Love (the nicest name I've ever heard for God) to soothe, comfort and restore all the tear-filled, broken people of the world who never had a chance. And I wish even more that the Big, Big Love will not leave any of us behind for we are skilled enough in doing that ourselves.

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