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How to be less overwhelmed.
Why don't we keep up with all our friends? Why do our closets and garages and bookshelves groan with neglected clothes and possessions and books? Why do we feel so behind all the time? That's easy to answer….it is simply so easy to become overwhelmed by the very nature of life itself.

Being overwhelmed is the under-noticed reality in human anguish. Lost your cool lately? Been a little paranoid? Felt hopeless? Look around and you will see that one of the core things going on is that you are overwhelmed by all that has been getting to you.

You need to notice that because…it's not all your fault.

Life brings us:

more new "must read" books every week….
people who do not do their share…..
cruel people who crush our insides…
corporations that cause us financial grief….
babies and teenagers who rob us of sleep…
backs and knees that seem at times like two of God's bad ideas….
zealots who fly planes into buildings.

"For everything else there is Mastercard" can't quite make it all smooth sailing.

So, if you are overwhelmed, it will absolutely help you to know that it is not all your fault—despite the insidious ways in which victims get blamed and no one seems to say that not even "positive thinking" or "The Secret" or Freud or Tony Robbins can keep us underwhelmed when Hurricane Katrina hits. This means that it is all the more important to have tools to fight our overwhelmed state and feelings because high waves and hurricanes of all sorts are not going to cooperate with our wish for peace, calm and a tranquil mind.

How can we feel less overwhelmed?

Here is the first dyke we can build against the waters of chaos. Pay attention to your own soul by asking the simple question: how overwhelmed am I feeling? Every day we should give ourselves a "State of the Union" assessment. For example, when you drive home from work assess how you are feeling because you don't want to take out your fatigue, anger or general all around "I've had it with the human race" on your family. Kick the dog and you'll only be more overwhelmed.

Secondly, we need to have at the ready our own unique quick charge way to get refreshed. If you notice that things are starting to get to you, you can back off a bit, take a break, and do something that rejuvenates you. For me it could be a nap, a shower, going to the gym, or watching golf on a Sunday afternoon while going through the Sunday Times.

A third way to feel less overwhelmed is to notice your good intentions. There you are, sweet you, working away at your job and doing things around the house and helping out your friend with his project and isn't it time that you had the peace and the calm and the tranquility that all good, sweet people should have. In essence, if you are doing good, you should feel good while you are doing good and not just when the list is finished…..because by then it is late in the day and the list will start over tomorrow. This is Enjoy the Journey and Feel Good About Yourself on The Journey.

Why should that bad guy psychopath in No Country for Old Men be calm and not you?

Life will overwhelm us. But there is a lot in life, and inside us, that we can use to get less overwhelmed. It's worth the effort. And our dogs will thank us

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