"a bruised reed he will not break, a flickering candle he will not quench"
--Isaiah's prophecy about the Messiah

If Isaiah is right, the Messiah is a whisperer and one who knows how to be gentle, appropriate and sensitive.

I don't know about you but I need and want this kind of Messiah. I think the world needs this kind of healthy spirituality that has perspective and sanity—where one can see the "central issues" as in this is a bruised reed, this is a flickering candle. Our spirits need sight and clarity as in "Oh, this is what is going on—in me, around here, in that other person." Our hearts need this love.

Such a Messiah will have a hard time making it onto Christian television because that is a noisy place, a place of prefabricated judgment where words break fragile souls and huffy puffy absolutely certain preachers blow out our dim light, our halting faith.

Of course this Messiah may not be well liked by establishments addicted to profit. A lot of establishments don't care much for the bruised and the flickering. The successful are much easier on the bottom line.

Oddly, the timid might not appreciate such a gentle Messiah either because his very sensitivity will make him intolerant of anything or anyone that harms the downtrodden. This Messiah is a Lamb but there's nothing like the roar of a gentle one who has finally had it with evil.

Out of touch academics may get this Messiah wrong because He is trying to heal people and not just write endless words about complex theology.

A bruised reed he will not break. A flickering candle he will not quench. Appealing, relevant, not too complex. Do-able necessary healing. Healthy spirituality.

When you are feeling kind of broken, when everything seems to be flickering, be alert to the light touch—the one that comes along and leaves you less bruised, more steady, a bit stronger. A card arrives in the mail and its words give you hope, even though it is from a relative who is not your favorite. A smile from a stranger lifts your spirit. Maybe the Messiah moves among us in such a whispering fashion.

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