I hereby confess that I am not of the same species as those astounding Olympic athletes. Bravo to them all.

Some of you are not impressed with Olympic curling. Did you know that a curling stone or rock weighs between 38 and 44 lbs. and all it would take is a drop on your foot and your dream for gold or silver or bronze would be over?

I went to the Metropolitan Opera yesterday with culture genius friend, Carl, and saw "Parsifal" by Wagner. It's a longish piece of work, but filled with great beauty and an eloquent plea for compassion. Speaking of which...


"Jesus wept."

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a note for the broken (4)

no good Samaritan in sight

what do you do when you are broken and no one seems to give a damn?

what do you do when you are in a ditch and everyone walks by, including the ones you think will stop and lend a hand?

what will you do?

you will cry

you will go numb

you will feel all alone and forsaken

you will reach for something to ease the pain

a bottle, a drug, a body part, a memory, a song, a prayer

something to ease the pain

have you noticed how we hate to suffer?

what eases the pain comes in all shapes and sizes

and the ditches come in all shapes and sizes

you can feel persecuted in an office chair

lonely as all get out in a bed

unheard and ignored as you sit on a couch

isolated and misunderstood in the passenger seat of a car

and you will be tempted to stay in that ditch

because it can get comfortable there

because it can be "safe" there

because there's a thing called "regression in the service of the ego" which means that sometimes it is smart to stay isolated and alone and f you one and all as we distance from humanity and go it alone in our house, bed, office chair, love seat or on the drive home after someone has ripped our heart to shreds

because, because, because

sometimes we need to be alone

pillow or imaginary pillow over our head

but alone or pillow over the head does not work forever

cause when we are alone our head can easily spin only darkness

cause when we're alone our head can make enemies out of thin air

so, as quick as you can, as quick as need be, get out of the ditch


if you can, by the miracle of all miracles, go and be a good samaritan for someone else

this eases the pain better than anything in existence

please allow me to brag about people here

i know there are horrible people. i know the world is full of horror.

but you know what it's like when you fall down and break something or your insides get all twisted and you end up on a stretcher, an operating table, or a hospital bed

this is when you have that feeling composed entirely of overwhelmed and overwhelmed and overwhelmed that has you mouthing the silent scream of enough, enough, enough and i can't take it anymore

i've been there.


it's a terribly depressing ditch.

what i have found is that eventually, most of the time, in some way, a good samaritan shows up. maybe it's the janitor who is cleaning your hospital room. maybe it's the relative you least suspected would show up. maybe it's a comedian on tv who lightens your spirit.

the good people are there.

look for them.

be one of them.

it's olympic gold

a note for the broken (3)

a very smart friend of mine has his ups and downs, as we all do, and things were on the up recently until he went and left his laptop in a portfolio in a new york cab

professor in new york city


you know that sick feeling when something else has gone wrong and it's consequential and huge and there's no one else to blame

besides, blame can only do so much

you know that sick feeling that soaks everything with failure and makes you feel, once again, that the cards are stacked against you and you do a lot of the stacking

that feeling composed entirely of overwhelmed and overwhelmed and overwhelmed that has you mouthing the silent scream of enough, enough, enough and i can't take it anymore

and i can't take myself anymore?

well, that's how my friend felt.

when this hits we feel so alone, so tired, so defeated, so hopeless, so uniquely and obviously a disgrace, a piece of nothing but shame for all to see

our lips go dry, our eyes are dull, we are old

it's over.

what's the point?


maybe now and then, not always

some of the time

the good samaritan shows up.

we broken people need (and i mean need) the good samaritan

we can't pull ourselves up by our bootstraps cause they are broken too, so broken that in certain parts of us they don't even exist anymore or never existed in the first place

the cabbie in new york city spotted my friend's portfolio in the back seat of his cab

and he drove to headquarters and let his manager open the portfolio

there, my friend's business card with a cell phone number

accompanied by a laptop

by late afternoon when it was time for my friend to head home the cab pulled up to take him and his accoutrements to grand central

and the cab driver refused to charge my friend for the ride

"you've had a bad enough day"

maybe just enough, maybe just in time, only now and then, not always

some of the time

the good samaritan shows up.

Next week's Dig will be "A Note for the Broken."

Chat then;

Bob Beverley

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