Don't forget today is the final round of the BMW Championship in golf, the next to last stop for the FedEx Cup. And meanwhile, I noticed some distinct autumn colors on more than a few trees in my area. It must be time for the pennant race in baseball. Go Red Sox.

Bravo to The Cleveland Innings for their record breaking 22 game winning streak.

Sometimes I remind myself of Bob Costas. We share first names and like sports.

Today I start a new series especially suited to the beginning of the academic year. It's called "Let's Face It" and it is about seeing things, facing things, and dealing with life more or less head on! The "more or less" is all part of how hard it is to square off with ourselves, with others and with the dark and complex things of life. We can't succeed without realism and courage, a large degree of clean and sober, and the wisdom to know when to look away.

"The Sharp Club 25" is open to you. Check it out after The Dig.

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"Facing it, always facing it, that's the way to get through. Face it."

--Joseph Conrad

What are you not facing right now that is hurting you?

P.S. There are all kinds of powerful reasons why we do not face things. We could be scared, ashamed, ignorant, hopeless, confused or tired. We all enjoy the easy stuff more than we’d like to admit. Facing things is the opposite of instant gratification, fun, denial, blaming others and waiting for someone else to face things for us. Why get through when just getting by could be our default way of operating? Why get through when we are so good at avoiding?


What are you not facing right now that is hurting you?

P.S. I won’t write anything else, because you and I need to take the time to answer that question maybe before we do anything else. Seriously!

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September 2017

Dear Dig reader,

As you know, I have written a weekly blog called "The Dig" for the past ten years. You may not know that I have written a daily blog called "THE SHARP CLUB" for almost two years. Both writings are free for my therapy clients, but now I am adding a lot of special works to the mix that will be called THE SHARP CLUB 25.

This is my 25th year of being a psychotherapist and so I want to express my gratitude to you by offering you an invitation to THE SHARP CLUB 25. If you accept this invitation, you will receive:

---Ongoing daily emails called "Sharps"

---A weekly "Dig" that comes out every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m.

---3 new books that I have written that will be given to you throughout the year

---a monthly 25 page Sharp Report that will be jam packed with wisdom from me and others that will help you have a keen mind in a tough world

---at least a 25% discount to an all day Seminar that I will be hosting in the coming year. It is called "The Alphabet of Success." It will probably be at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY.

---3 Special Reports: "The Top 25 Books" & "The Top 25 Quotations" and "The Top 25 Digs" I've discovered or written in 25 years as a psychotherapist.

---A 25 page Interview with me where I talk about the nuts and bolts and guts of being a psychotherapist. I invite you to give me questions for this interview.

You may ask "Why am I doing all this?" The biggest reason is that I am so grateful to you for reading "The Dig" and I want to offer you more insights from my psychotherapy work, life experience, research and reading. Every week I receive letters from grateful fans who feel that they benefit from my real world wisdom. I have the best "job" in the world and it helps make my life so meaningful and rich in the deepest sense of the word...and I want to provide more riches for you!

However, there is another reason I am doing this, but that involves my favorite "pathology" and a trick I've learned lately that helps us overcome our obstacles. I will explain this to you with a personal email when you sign up for The Sharp Club 25.

In the meantime, you are probably wondering how much it costs to get into the Club? I will tell you the investment if you write and let me know that you are interested in joining. I want this to be a very personal venture and that is why I am doing things this way.

You can reach me at BBever1008@aol.com

Love. Respect. Peace. Gratitude.


P.S. THE SHARP CLUB 25 will officially start in 45 days when this year’s Sharp Club reaches day 365. However, you can get a head start by writing me and letting me know that you want in today.

Next week we continue the series called "Let's Face It.".

Chat then;

Bob Beverley

P.S. Sharing wisdom is absolutely necessary in this oft foolish world. I'd be honored if you pass THE DIG along to your friends.

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