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The books I write are easy to read and contain treasures from what I've learned as a therapist throughout my more than 26,000 hours of therapy. My hope is that my books will enrich your journey through life.

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Bob Beverley

The Power Of Fear

We do feel fear in our bones. It slows us to a crawl and it eventually stops us from movement—but by the time we are slowed to a crawl it has become our expected reality. And so no one is alarmed at our turtle pace, including ourselves. All kinds of explanations are given—she is a quiet girl, he is shy, she likes to read, he is a loner, he's in his fifties, you can't teach an old dog new tricks—but very few explanations point to the power of fear.

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How to Be a Christian and Still Be Sane

How to Be A Christian and Still Be Sane

Christians are crazier than they should be. In this spiritual/psychological book I point out the five dangers in modern Christian culture. I highlight the superb insights from the Bible that offer a remedy for our craziness.

This book is hard-hitting, but, if you're up for a look in the mirror, this book will save you time and pain and grief in your spiritual journey. It is a little book of faith.

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How to be wildly successful, even if you know you are a looser

How to be Wildly Successful Even If You Know You Are A Loser.

Are you sick and tired of brief articles or long books that don't know how messed up you are? Haven't you read a thousand little pieces that do not convey the odds that are against you? How would you like to read a book that understands how messed up you feel?

It is so wonderful to be understood. If you've struggled at life, you will feel understood by my E-book; How to be Wildly Successful Even If You Know You Are A Loser.

Even more importantly, you will be given seven steps to a life that is more successful than you imagined. But this is not quick fix or hype. It is a way of looking at your problems in a realistic and unique way. It is a little book of hope.

Having done over 26,000 hours of counseling with real people like you, I will not insult you with false promises. I offer you a hard way to success--but assure you that success is not as impossible as you think. The easy ways offered to you all over the place are actually the hardest path to success because they do not work.

If you use this book well, it will work for you. Like everything on my web site, it is not long-winded or hard to understand.

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Get Books. Get Wisdom.

Get Books! Get Wisdom!

For 35 years at least, I have been reading books in order to improve my life and help improve the lives of others. Many of my teachers, supervisors, clients,and colleagues say that I have a unique ability to find great books and articles, and quotations from all over the place. In this E-book I offer you the top 25 books I have discovered in my exploration that will provide you with a ton of wisdom and insight about your life.

In Get Books! Get Wisdom! I also offer some insights about book hunting and how to deal with the fact that there are too many books and not enough time. After you read my book I would love to hear your feedback about this important struggle which does not get addressed enough in our already overwhelmed lives.

This book will not overwhelm you. It is easy to read, filled with treasures, and it will enrich your search for great books. It is a little book of wisdom.

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The Secret Behind the Secret Law of Attraction
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The Secret Behind The Secret Law of Attraction

— Written by Bob Beverley, Kevin Hogan, Dave Lakhani and Blair Warren

Its followers believe it is the secret formula, known through the ages by various philosophers and mystics and scientists, that guarantees easy access to the success we ve always dreamed of. And so they say, enough is enough to the ignorant, blind, obstacle-ridden, hard life that millions of people are living. Live The Secret and you will bypass the unnecessary frustrations, long learning curves, and tortuous detours that seem to have humanity by the throat.

To them, The Secret is THE way. To them, it's a scientifically proven universal law that always works in every situation, every time.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation, said Thoreau, and THE SECRET shouts passionately that this does not have to be. There is true magic afoot, there are lanterns to be lit, passions to be embraced, secret thoughts to be learned and we can discover a whole new way of living that is, simply, there for the taking!

And now there are those who see real and grave danger in this virus that is spreading through the English-speaking world...and they say, enough is enough.

The leaders of The Secret crossed the line of humanity and compassion when they began to state that people bring on their own illnesses, cause their own genocide, rape and murder.

And what about the authors of this book? Are we saying, enough is enough? Well, you will have to obtain the real secret within...we did a little bit of digging and have found out the real truth about The Secret. We ve found that all that glitters is not gold. You ll have to make your own decision.

What we can promise is that we will do our best to be fair, open-minded, kind, truthful and honest.

Our purpose is to accurately represent The Secret and then show how and why we are concerned for the poor and defenseless.

And whether you agree with us or not, you will find out some things that really do matter about the human mind and heart. And we're going to show you how the people who supposedly had The Secret through the ages, really felt about philosophies like The Secret. The geniuses that the movie and books claim had the Secret were indeed some of the greatest thinkers of the last two thousand years....but is it true that they had the Secret or believed anything like the Secret? In this book we ll show you what they REALLY wrote and how they thought....and then we ll examine feelings and possibly take issue with what people say are the dangerous aspects of The Secret.

And you ll find out what people can really do to make their life better.

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Digging Life Deeper

Digging Life Deeper

This book is a compilation of weekly essays from Bob's weekly Ezine "The Dig". Many people have found it to be quite helpful and more than a few have asked for this book to be published.

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The Core

The Core

The Core contains the essence of my psychotherapy/spiritual/emotional/ success wisdom and it has cost me so much to know what I share with you. It has cost me time, energy, lots of pens and paper, about $400,000 dollars, and in your face confrontation with myself and others.

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The Weekly Dig
Join me in THE DIG for wisdom because "wisdom is the under-rated necessity for your life and the guardian of your success." Every week I dig the world for the riches of wisdom because I need wisdom—for myself, my psychotherapy clients and my motivational speaking. In THE DIG I will share the riches with you because I love finding thoughts, quotations, stories, parables and insights that will help you succeed and be happy.
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