Bob Beverley
Let me introduce myself. My name is Bob Beverley and I am a full-time psychotherapist who has become tired of all the self-help talk, religious jargon, academic theorizing and new age viewpoints that show no respect for real people, their problems and how hard their lives are.

I've created this website "Find Wisdom Now" for you. A place where:

  • you will feel understood
  • victims will not be blamed
  • real, workable advice can be found

Through this website, I will be offering you the best prescription I've ever found. There are no side effects to this prescription, except peace and tranquility. It is a direct, concise, understandable pathway to success. This prescription is wisdom; the under-rated necessity for your life and the guardian of your success.

With an emphasis on wisdom, I want to help you reach your dreams, avoid some of the foolish pitfalls of life and help you through those pitfalls if you do fall into them.

I know that dreams are hard to reach and the pitfalls of life are easy to fall into. That is why we need all the love and guidance and wisdom we can find.

You won't catch me telling you things like "just do it" or "just let it go" or "don't take it personally". I know that we are all chained by fear, habit, fatigue, character flaws, circumstance, genetics, money, and what I call our "oil wells" of deep pain.

I will never tell you, with screaming headlines, that I have found the easy, instant, immediate answer to all your problems.

I've been a psychotherapist for over 25 years. I work knee deep in the trenches of despair, violence, confusion, hopelessness and the human struggle for growth and well-being on a daily basis. The wisdom offered here has been road-tested in the emotional emergency ward I have always worked in.

The Weekly Dig
Join me in THE DIG for wisdom because "wisdom is the under-rated necessity for your life and the guardian of your success." Every week I dig the world for the riches of wisdom because I need wisdom—for myself, my psychotherapy clients and my motivational speaking. In THE DIG I will share the riches with you because I love finding thoughts, quotations, stories, parables and insights that will help you succeed and be happy.
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